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1. Equine Max Pellet Bed

Equine Max Pellets=Wheat Straw pellet bedding treated with Proteks
Envirocair veterinary disinfectant. 65 x 15kg sacks pallet delivered to your yard


 Please note their are delivery surcharges of £5 for Wales, £10 for Devon/Cornwall, £15 for Scottish Lowlands and £30 for Scottish Highlands. Please make additional payment by phone. 0845 4584 330


Introducing a revolutionary new type of bedding.Equine
Max Pellet Beds
are made from wheat
straw and pre treated with a dilution ofProteksEnvirocair Veterinary long lasting
Disinfectant. Envirocair Veterinary concentrate is a  Defra approved disinfectant, proven to kill Mud rash bacteria,
ringworm, thrush, EHV, strangles, influenza and many more.

Pellet Beds provide;

 A virtually dust free
bedding, dust damages the respiratory tract causing poor performance and COPD.

Remember that using disinfectant treated products is not all about cross contaminations. Protek Envirocair Veterinary disinfectant is proven to kill the harmful respiratory spores associated with stables like Aspergillus Niger and the bacteria produced from ammonia. This is a very valid point to the serious horse person who wishes to compete or race their horses and require their respiratory tracts to be in tip top performance condition.

Economical; around half the price of shavings .

Quick and easy to maintain.

Healthy and attractive, being a light cocoa in colour.

Super absorbent. Swells to 4 x its size.

Less odour, Proteks disinfectant is proven to kill the
bacteria produced by ammonia, this bacteria is harmful to the horses
respiratory tem affecting performance 
and attracts flies.

Stores outside freeing indoor storage for hay & feed

Proteks Envirocair Veterinary disinfectant does not contravene any
competition or racing rules.

Equine Max are ideal for all equestrian yards, racehorse
trainers, studs, livery yards and so on.

For Miscanthus straw pellet beds please see Equine PRO
Pellet Beds.

For further information or to arrange a visit and trial samples
please phone Debbie on 07967720758 or emai


Our Price:   £300.00 (inc. VAT)
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